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Georgia’s Communications Service Provider for Over a Century

Public Service has been providing exceptional communications service to Middle and South Georgia since 1910. In the beginning days, Hiram Columbus Bond realized the potential of the telephone and purchased the Roberta Telephone Company, establishing an entrepreneurial legacy of telecommunications services that continues today.

The Early Years

Hiram Columbus Bond was the first generation of the family to enter the field of telephony along with Bessie Marie Moore. Hiram purchased the Roberta Telephone Company and extended operations to the surrounding towns of Reynolds, Butler, Culloden, and Lizella. It was not until 1954 that the operations were all incorporated under the name of Public Service Telephone Company with home offices in Reynolds, Taylor County, Georgia.
The earliest records and dates of the establishment of the telephone exchanges of the Bond family properties in Georgia are not available. However, the Reynolds exchange had been established as early as 1910. Roberta and Lizella were operating in 1923 and Culloden in 1928. The Butler exchange was operating in 1929. These exchanges could have and probably did exist prior to these dates.

Hiram Columbus (H.C.) Bond, Jr.

Born into the Bond family in 1906, Hiram Columbus (H.C.) Bond, Jr. grew up to join the family business. In 1932, he married Mintie Theus, and during the 1930s, he spent much of his time changing the “grounded” circuits to “metallic” to eliminate the noise generated by the new electric co-op lines made possible by the advent of the REA program.
During the war years and with little funds available for help, H.C. and Mintie worked in the office and out in the field during the daylight hours and worked the switchboard after dark. They also welcomed their two children, Don and Barbara.
By the 1950s, H. C. worked to obtain REA financing and completely rebuilt the system. He replaced the “magneto” equipment with “dial” equipment, extended service into the rural areas, and rebuilt the toll facilities.
H. C. spent his adult life in the telephone business and passed his love of the company on to his children and grandchildren who now represent the third and fourth generation of Public Service.
During his lifetime, he was a member of the Georgia Telephone Association, USTA, and various community civic and religious organizations. H.C. was very active in the First Baptist Church of Reynolds where he served as a Sunday school teacher, Sunday school director, deacon, and superintendent.

A Lasting Legacy

Public Service has put customers first even in the face of major national and international events like the Great Depression, two world wars, and numerous recessions throughout the years. No matter the circumstances, our company has prospered in our commitment to our customers and the communities we serve.

Public Service Today

Public Service is in the 4th generation of family ownership and remains one of the oldest privately owned communication companies in the United States. As communication technology has changed monumentally throughout the years, we have adapted to ensure our customers throughout Middle and South Georgia receive affordable services and better service quality. Our mission is to bring the latest technology to rural and city customers alike, offering affordable prices with exceptional customer service. Public Service will continue to be responsible members of the communities we serve so that we may continue providing quality connections for the next 100 years.